Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How To get free games (educational purposes only)

The process to get free games (for pc) is a lot like getting movies with a couple exceptions. Some of the exceptions is what you have to do to use the game. Another thing is the best pace for games is torrents. Lime wire isn't that good for large files and if you found a full "game" on it there is about a 90% chance it will NOT have what you want and not a virus. So once you get your game files (that usually takes a day or two) it will probably be in one or two formats.

Lets talk about the first one. The first type of file type it called an ISO file. Think of this as a digital copy of the disk. To read it you need a (free) program called Daemon Tools. Once you have it, all you need to do is mount it (right click the icon in the systems tray) and load it. Make sure that auto run is enabled then it will run like a real cd. Depending on the game you downloaded it should have the serial keys with it and if you need to you can download a hacked version of the exe (this is the program of the game the thing that launches when you click the icon) There are many places that you can get them on the Internet for example just type in Far Cry 2 exe or Far Cry no cd fix. Then you replace it with the real exe and there you have it a free game (I do not recommend doing this because it is against the law and you could go to jail for a long time).

The second way it will come is in files named 1,2,3,4... you need a program called winrar. This will convert all those files into an iso file then you do the same processes you did earlier.

If you want games for your Xbox or PlayStation that is a similar processes but you need a DVD  burner able to burn DVD duel layer. With Xbox 360 games it is a longer process and I don't know the full detail's, so I will go into detail at a later time.  

(Note that it is the exact same process to get apps like photoshop or Microsoft Word)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mac vs Pc

There are two main types of computers, Mac & PC. The question is which one is better. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The Mac is well built but you pay for it and PC has a greater wealth of software but the Operating System (OS)and hardware very greatly in quality and price and is generally more complicated to get what you want if you don't know a lot about computers. So the question still stands, which one is better? 

Let's start with the Mac. The Mac usually is a high end computer usally costing over one thousand dollars with the exception of the Mac Mini. Most models have the computer built into the monitor. That is good for when you need to save space. The Mac is use a lot in graphic design due to its high power components (ie the processor and graphics card). The OS is stable and fast. Over all I would get the Mac if I had the money. It is a better computer over all. 

Next is the PC. The PC is more popular because it is easy to modify and upgrade. The PC also comes in a wide verity of prices. In addition the PC runs Windows or Linux. Windows is the one sold on most all new PCs. The latest OS is Vista. I personally use vista but I hate it because crashes all the time and is very slow. However the new Windows OS, Windows 7, is a lot better even in the beta stages. One of the other major reasons for so many people having a PC is the sheer amount of applications that are available. 

So if you have around two grand or are into graphic design, the Mac is for you. It support a lot of the major applications such as Microsoft Office. They are well built and will last along time. If you don't have a big budget or just want more apps then  the PC is for you. Over all they are very good computers. And depending on what you want determines if the Mac or PC is better.


(Note: I am trying to get more traffic on my blog so I am putting a link to google)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to get free movies (educational purposes only)

There are many sites and programs that can help you get free moves even ones that are in theaters. (i am not saying you should do this but just to let you know it can be done). One popular way is torrents. Torrents are files that are stored on hundreds sometimes of thousands of computers and you download bits and pieces of them from everyone. The best torrents have what is called peers. Peers don't put a limit on band with and allow you do download from them. The bad ones are leachers, they don't allow you to download from them. To use torrents you need a torrent down loader (limewire will work) a good one is Bit Torrent (
www.bittorrent.com) Now on to the actual movies. One of the best web sites is called the pirate bay (thepiratebay.org/) You just type in the movie you want and download it, a good torrent file provider is called AXXO. He has all of the new movies and they download in a couple of hours. For example you would type in Gran Torino axxo and you would click on the one with the most seeds and the least leaches. Then you would have it in a couple of hours. You would have a free (illegal) movie that is fully punishable by international law and I would just go out a buy it.
Another way is Limewire just by itself. This way is more dangerous because there are a lot of "bugs" and most of the files aren't event the movie you want. A good way to see if it's a good file if the file size is large. A normal file size is around 700MB. Another thing to look out for is if there is only one or two results and they say exactly what you typed in. Nine times out of ten it is a bug.  

The third way is to just watch it on the internet. Just type in free movies into google and the first one or two sites to come up will have what you want. The problem with the this way is the quality is usually very poor.

Over all downloading movies off the Internet only hurts the movie industry and maybe even you.